In dieser Übersicht finden Sie eine Auswahl von kPNI-relevanten Publikationen und wissenschaftlichen Veröffentlichungen aus unserem Netzwerk.

Please find some cpni relevant publications and publications from researchers out of our network below.


Mitochondria: It is all about energy
(Amaloha CasanovaAnne WeversSantiago Navarro-LedesmaLeo Pruimboom)

Efficacy of Photobiomodulation Therapy in the Treatment of Pain and Inflammation: A Literature Review
(Ana González-MuñozMaría Cuevas-CerveraJosé Javier Pérez-MontillaDaniel Aguilar-NúñezDina Hamed-HamedMaría Aguilar-GarcíaLeo PruimboomSantiago Navarro-Ledesma)

Omega-3 fatty acids in heart disease-why accurately measured levels matter
(C von SchackyR S KuipersH PijlF A J MuskietD E Grobbee)

Editorial: Biopsychosocial complexity research
(Christian SchubertWilliam SulisAlejandro De La Torre-LuqueGünter K Schiepek)


Obesity and Leptin Resistance in the Regulation of the Type I Interferon Early Response and the Increased Risk for Severe COVID-19
(Frits A J MuskietPedro Carrera-BastosLeo PruimboomAlejandro LuciaDavid Furman)

Circadian Variation of Blood Pressure in Patients with Chronic Musculoskeletal Pain: A Cross-Sectional Study
(Santiago Navarro-LedesmaAna Gonzalez-MuñozMaria Carmen García RíosDaniel de la SernaLeo Pruimboom)

Patellar and Achilles Tendon Thickness Differences among Athletes with Different Numbers of Meals per Day: A Cross-Sectional Study
(Santiago Navarro-LedesmaGabriel Gijon-NogueronInmaculada Reina-MartínAna Belen Ortega-AvilaLeo Pruimboom)

Do Psychological Factors Influence the Elastic Properties of Soft Tissue in Subjects with Fibromyalgia? A Cross-Sectional Observational Study
(Santiago Navarro-LedesmaMaría Aguilar-GarcíaAna González-MuñozLeo PruimboomMaría Encarnación Aguilar-Ferrándiz)

The Relationship between Daily Physical Activity, Psychological Factors, and Vegetative Symptoms in Women with Fibromyalgia: A Cross-Sectional Observational Study
(Santiago Navarro-LedesmaLeo PruimboomEnrique LluchLirios DueñasSilvia Mena-Del HornoAna Gonzalez-Muñoz)

Thyroidal and Extrathyroidal Requirements for Iodine and Selenium: A Combined Evolutionary and (Patho)Physiological Approach
(D A Janneke Dijck-BrouwerFrits A J MuskietRichard H VerheesenGertjan SchaafsmaAnne SchaafsmaJan M W Geurts)


Methylation Pathways and SARS-CoV-2 Lung Infiltration and Cell Membrane-Virus Fusion Are Both Subject to Epigenetics
(Leo Pruimboom)

SARS-CoV 2; Possible alternative virus receptors and pathophysiological determinants
(Leo Pruimboom)

Effects of Leucine Administration in Sarcopenia: A Randomized and Placebo-controlled Clinical Trial
(Francisco M Martínez-ArnauRosa Fonfría-VivasCristina BuiguesYolanda CastilloPilar MolinaAldert J HooglandFemke van DoesburgLeo PruimboomJulio Fernández-GarridoOmar Cauli)


An evolutionary perspective on (chronic) disease
(Ruiz-Nunez, Begona)

Intermittent living; the use of ancient challenges as a vaccine against the deleterious effects of modern life – A hypothesis
(Pruimboom, Leo; Muskiet, Frits A.J).

Characterization in humans of in vitro leucocyte maximal telomerase activity capacity and association with stress
(de Punder, Karin; Heim Christine; Przesdzing, Ingo; Wadhwa, Pathik D.; Entringer, Sonja)

An evolutionary perspective on nutrition and social decision making
(Raison, Charles L.; A. Raichlen, David)


Characterization of in vitro leukocyte maximal telomerase activity capacity (mTAC) in humans: Association with chronic stress exposure and stress-reactivity
(de Punder, Karin; Heim Christine; Przesdzing, Ingo; Wadhwa, Pathik D.; Entringer, Sonja)

The sedentary (r)evolution: Have we lost our metabolic flexibility?
(Freese, Jens; Rainer Johannes Klement; Ruiz-Núñez, Begoña; Schwarz, Sebastian; Lötzerich, Helmut).


Effect of a Prebiotic Formulation on Frailty Syndrome: A Randomized, Double-Blind Clinical Trial
(Buigues, Cristina; Fernández-Garrido, Julio; Pruimboom, Leo; Hoogland, Aldert J.; Navarro-Martínez, Rut; Martínez-Martínez, Mary; Verdejo, Yolanda; Mascarós, Mari Carmen; Peris, Carlos; Cauli, Omar)

Back to the Future. Metabolic Effects of a 4-Day Outdoor Trip Under Simulated Paleolithic Conditions – New Insights from The Eifel Study
(Freese, Jens; Pardi, Daniel J.; Ruiz-Núñez, Begoña; Schwarz, Sebastian; Heynck, Regula; Renner, Robert; Zimmer, Philipp; and Lötzerich, Helmut).

Influence of a 10-Day Mimic of Our Ancient Lifestyle on Anthropometrics and Parameters of Metabolism and Inflammation: The “Study of Origin”
(Pruimboom, Leo; Ruiz-Nunez, Begona; Raison, Charles L.; Muskiet, Frits A.J.; Freese Jens)

Effect of a Prebiotic Formulation on Frailty Syndrome: A Randomized, Double-Blind Clinical Trial
(Cristina Buigues, Julio Fernández-Garrido, Leo Pruimboom, Aldert J. Hoogland, Rut Navarro-Martínez, Mary Martínez-Martínez, Yolanda Verdejo, Mari Carmen Mascarós, Carlos Peris and Omar Cauli)

Intermittent drinking, oxytocin and human health
(Pruimboom, Leo; Reheis, Daniel)

To Restore Health, “Do we Have to Go Back to the Future?” The Impact of a 4-Day Paleolithic Lifestyle Change on Human Metabolism – a Pilot Study.(Freese, Jens; Ruiz-Núñez, Begoña; Heynck, Regula; Schwarz, Sebastian; Pruimboom, Leo; Renner, Robert; and Lötzerich, Helmut)


The opioid effects of gluten exorphins: asymptomatic celiac disease
(Leo Pruimboom, Karin de Punder; 2015)

Physical Activity Protects the Human Brain against Metabolic Stress Induced by a Postprandial and Chronic Inflammation
(Pruimboom, Raison, Muskiet; 2015)

Stress Induces Endotoxemia and Low-Grade Inflammation by Increasing Barrier Permeability
(Karin de Punder, Leo Pruimboom; 2015)


Inflammatory depression: a trifecta of trouble. (Raison, C. L., J Clin Psychiatry, 75(6), 663-664. doi: 10.4088/JCP.14ac09217)

Lactase persistence and augmented salivary alpha-amylase gene copy numbers might have been selected by the combined toxic effects of gluten and (food born) pathogens. (Pruimboom, L., Fox, T., & Muskiet, F. A.,Med Hypotheses, 82(3), 326-334. doi: 10.1016/j.mehy.2013.12.020)

Insulin resistance, selfish brain, and selfish immune system: an evolutionarily positively selected program used in chronic inflammatory diseases (Straub, RH. Arthritis Res Ther. 2014 Nov 13;16 Suppl 2(Suppl 2):S4.  doi: 10.1186/ar4688.)


Lifestyle and nutritional imbalances associated with Western diseases: causes and consequences of chronic systemic low-grade inflammation in an evolutionary context. (Ruiz-Nunez, B., Pruimboom, L., Dijck-Brouwer, D. A., & Muskiet, F. A., J Nutr Biochem, 24(7), 1183-1201. doi: 10.1016/j.jnutbio.2013.02.009)

The dietary intake of wheat and other cereal grains and their role in inflammation. (de Punder, K., & Pruimboom, L., Nutrients, 5(3), 771-787. doi: 10.3390/nu5030771)


Chronic inflammatory diseases are stimulated by current lifestyle: how diet, stress levels and medication prevent our body from recovering
(Margarethe M Bosma-den BoerMarie-Louise van WettenLeo Pruimboom)


Chronic pain: a non-use disease
(L PruimboomAC van Dam)


Cytokines sing the blues: inflammation and the pathogenesis of depression
(CL Raison, L Capuron, AH Miller)



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